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Coding with Kyle: Full orthodontic treatment

The last two months I have focused on billing for orthodontic procedures. Each of these coding articles have consisted of the different steps involved when billing for ortho. This is the final article of the three-art series.

How do we bill for a comprehensive (full) case of orthodontic treatment?

Comprehensive means treating the upper and lower arches to attain proper occlusion and alignment.

Claim forms should always indicate how many months of active treatment are anticipated.

Keep in mind a patient must be eligible for orthodontic benefits. Some dental plans restrict benefits to children, but others provide benefits to adults, such as local union plans. Always do your homework and due diligence in obtaining verification of benefits from the dental insurance company.

• D8070—Comprehensive orthodontic treatment of the transitional dentition

This code is commonly used for children who are in the process of losing their primary teeth and have some permanent teeth present already.

· D80—Comprehensive orthodontic treatment of the adolescent dentition

This code is commonly used for young teenagers in whom the permanent teeth are fully present, however, due to their age they are still undergoing bone growth, which affects the upper and lower jaws.

• D8090—Comprehensive orthodontic treatment of the adult dentition

This code is commonly used for adults who are undergoing occlusion and alignment corrections.

Happy coding! Now go save those teeth.


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